3rd August 2017 : GMG Facility Update - July 2017

Following a recent, in-depth, review of all DFID programmes in light of revised budget forecasts and new in-country strategies, DFID Kenya has decided to revise downwards the ambition of its contribution to the Green Mini Grids (GMG) programme. The end date of the programme has been brought forward by 1 year to end of September 2018, compared to end of September 2019 as originally envisioned. The DFID financial contribution will also be scaled down to a total of £9.4m, which can be mobilized within this time period.

Implications for programme delivery are that the programme will now provide:

  • - Investment based grants and output based grants to support 3 sustainable GMG pilot projects identified during the 1st phase of the programme;
  • - Technical assistance for GMG projects selected in the 1st Call for Projects pending final proposal discussions, submission by the Managing Entity and approval by AFD;
  • - Continued advisory services to the GMG Kenya sector during the course of the programme;

The launch of the Call for Projects n°2 is currently being put on hold, but could be triggered at a later stage if new financing is secured: information will in this case be duly circulated.

The main target of the programme, with the funds provided by DFID, are to support 13,000 to 17,000 connections, as well as a range of benefits arising from the TA and advisory support provided to the sector.

AFD is pursuing parallel consultations with other financiers to identify potential additional sources of funds to extend the activities beyond end of September 2018.

The GMG Kenya teams thanks all the stakeholders for their interest in the program, remains available for further information, and will post and circulate any further news available on the programme.