3rd August 2017 : GMG Facility Update - July 2017

Following a recent, in-depth, review of all DFID programmes in light of revised budget forecasts and new in-country strategies, DFID Kenya has decided to revise downwards the ambition of its contribution to the Green Mini Grids (GMG) programme. The end date of the programme has been brought forward by 1 year to end of September 2018, compared to end of September 2019 as originally envisioned. The DFID financial contribution will also be scaled down to a total of £9.4m, which can be mobilized within this time period.

Implications for programme delivery are that the programme will now provide:

  • - Investment based grants and output based grants to support 3 sustainable GMG pilot projects identified during the 1st phase of the programme;
  • - Technical assistance for GMG projects selected in the 1st Call for Projects pending final proposal discussions, submission by the Managing Entity and approval by AFD;
  • - Continued advisory services to the GMG Kenya sector during the course of the programme;

The launch of the Call for Projects n°2 is currently being put on hold, but could be triggered at a later stage if new financing is secured: information will in this case be duly circulated.

The main target of the programme, with the funds provided by DFID, are to support 13,000 to 17,000 connections, as well as a range of benefits arising from the TA and advisory support provided to the sector.

AFD is pursuing parallel consultations with other financiers to identify potential additional sources of funds to extend the activities beyond end of September 2018.

The GMG Kenya teams thanks all the stakeholders for their interest in the program, remains available for further information, and will post and circulate any further news available on the programme.

15th June 2017: Africa Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017

Africa is among the strongest solar resources in the world, it also brings tremendous opportunities to the solar and energy storage industry. The great market potential has encouraged Leader Group to launch Africa Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on June 27-28, 2017. Participants such as Governments, Utilities, Project developers, Investors, Energy storage products manufacturers, Consulting firms, as well as other related sectors are invited to together discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions for solar and energy storage development in African market, especially Kenya, South Africa, Morocco,Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.
For more information, go to http://africaenergystorage.com/

12th June 2017: GMG Facility Kenya is looking for Green Mini Grid projects in Kenya!

GMG Facility Kenya continues to accept applications from Green Mini Grid developers and programmes focused on supporting the Kenyan 2020 goal of providing access to electrification to all. 
A reminder that the call for application has no deadline and that the GMG Facility Managing Entity will be reviewing applicants periodically.  We have begun to review the first set of applicants and will be starting the next round in the next several weeks.  As the time draws near, we will announce when we plan to start the second round reviews.
To get more information, please register at http://extranet.gmgfacilitykenya.org/.  Once you register, you will receive a username and password to gain access to the details in the GMG Facility Manual of Procedures on eligibility, grant awards, and application requirements.

14th June 2017: Quality Assurance Framework from NREL

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) has developed a Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) to contribute in Promoting Energy Access for Isolated Mini-Grids. Find here a Fact sheet on this QAF. While the full version of the QAF can be downloaded from here.

With the support of Power Africa, interested developers can have access to a webinar for more information. Ian Gould and Samuel Booth from NREL are leading this work and can explain further this activity. Katrina Pielli, Power Africa BTG team lead and Miguel Franco, PATRP BTG team lead are also available. Please contact us if you wish to get in touch with NREL.

Feel free also to visit NREL website: http://www.nrel.gov/

29th May, 2017 : Biogas Workshop

The workshop will take place on 30th May 2017 at the Strathmore University - Nairobi, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. This training is addressed to practitioners. For more information see the following website: http://en.snow-leopard-projects.com/