The Green Mini Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya moves forward...

The Green Mini Grid (GMG) Facility Kenya is grateful to the Powerhive families of Kissi and Nyamira Counties in Western Kenya for their participation in demonstrating the value of electrification to their community.  Check out their story at “GMG Facility Benefits Rural Kenya”.  The GMG Facility Kenya has provided technical assistance, and is providing output based connection grants, and milestone capital investment grants to mini-grid developers Powerhive, PowerGen and RVE.Sol.  We are looking for additional mini-grid developers and projects in Kenya.  Check back at for the announcement of the next call for proposals in the coming months.  For more details about the GMG Facility you may register at “GMG Online Platform”.   


14th March 2018: Powergen application for ERC licence under review

Powergen, GMG developer in Kericho, is ready for a tea estate solar powered mini grid construction, pending ERC approval. Know more about it by reading Business Daily article of 14th March 2018.


21st Feb. 2018: Reminder of 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit

It is still time to register to attend the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit. It will take place on 21st and 22nd March in Nairobi at the Intercontinental Hotel. Click on the link to download the presentation and registration form.


6th March 2018: Updated Agenda of the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit

Find an updated Agenda of the 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit. AFD and IED will make a joint presentation at 3pm of day 1. Some of our partners will also have a slot to share their experience.


21st Feb. 2018: MoEP tendering out for KOSAP

The Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petrolium has publisedh some tenders for KOSAP: Find the MoEP website page to get more information on the tenders published.